Employment Opportunities

Postdoctoral research associate position in plant breeding and genetics

The University of Florida’s Gulf Coast Research and Education Center is seeking a highly qualified and motivated postdoctoral research associate to work on plant breeding and genetics. Research projects will be involved in evaluating the performance of specialty crop varieties, cytological and molecular characterization of novel germplasm and somaclonal variants, screening promising breeding lines for disease and nematode resistance, induction and characterization of mutants and polyploids. Specialty crops to be studied include blackberry, caladium, lantana, hops, and pomegranate. Other research topics, such as inheritance study, molecular marker development and analysis, genome sequencing and resequencing, and gene expression analysis, may be involved.

The initial employment will be for two years, with the potential to be extended for one or two more years, pending funding availability, employee performance, and project progress.

Qualifications and requirements:

Ph.D. in plant breeding and genetics, horticulture, or agronomy. Experienced and skillful in plant variety evaluation, ploidy analysis, chromosome squashing, molecular marker analysis, and disease resistance characterization. Experience with practical plant breeding, mutation induction and identification, molecular marker development, and DNA sequence analysis will be a plus. The successful candidate is expected to be highly motivated and hard-working, have a strong record of publications in scientific journals, and communicate well in written and oral English. Should be able to join the research team by the end of May 2019.

How to apply:

Please send CV/resume, statement of research interest, and two to three reference letters to Dr. Deng at zdeng@ufl.edu.