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Gulf Coast Research and Education Center

Gulf Coast Research and Education Center

Dr. Hugh Smith

Vegetable Entomology


Rm. 131
Gulf Coast Research and Education Center
14625 County Road 672
Wimauma, FL 33598


  • Areas of Research

    Hugh Smith specializes in integrated pest management with an emphasis on vegetable pests. His research focuses on management of whitefly (Bemisia tabaci), diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella), thrips (Thysanoptera) and other pests, including spider mites (Tetranychidae).  Dr. Smith’s program evaluates insecticide resistance and efficacy for key pests of horticultural crops, and incorporates biological control, biopesticides and host plant resistance to promote sustainable pest management solutions for Florida’s specialty crop growers. 


    Diamondback Moth


    Spider Mites in Hops


  • Extension

    The vegetable entomology Extension program at GCREC provides training in identifying pest and beneficial arthropods, methods for scouting and managing arthropod pests, and information on managing the development of insecticide resistance among pests of horticultural crops.

    Extension Publications

  • Thrips ID Resources: English and Spanish
  • Lab Team

    Dr. Hugh Smith's Lab Page 

    Lab Phone Number: 813-419-6587
    Staff Member Contact Information
    Felipe Barreto da Silva, PostDoc
    Ryan Batts, OPS Tech
    Amanda Furuya, Grad Student
    Megan Hennessey, BioScientist II and Lab Manager
    Cleveland Ivey, Post Doc
    Mariana Monteiro, MS Student