Clinical Educator Training (CET)

The Florida Department of Education requires that all teachers—who supervise students enrolled in a student-teaching internship as part of their degree program—complete the equivalent of 18 hours of training that focuses on supervising and evaluating those interns.

The training modules that are incorporated into this website are designed to meet those criteria.

CET Modules
  • Module 1: Overview (PDF)
    •  An overview of the supervision cycle and introduces the remaining modules
  • Module 2: Diagnosis (PDF)
    • Focuses on appropriate data to collect and tells how the supervisor should best collect, summarize, and present that data to the intern
  • Module 3: Feedback (PDF)
    • Addresses the portion of the process whereby the supervisor provides the intern with feedback on his or her performance
  • Module 4: Professional Development (PDF)
    • Discusses the process of providing professional development activities for interns to assist them in developing skills that address existing deficiencies and/or preventive measures that will help to avoid problems before they surface
Supplemental Modules/Information
  • Module 5: CET Handbook (PDF)
    • Provides helpful tools as pre- and post-conference planning guides, verbal flow and physical movement charts, and other forms and checklists that should help you in supervising and evaluating your interns
  • The Ag Ed Internship (PowerPoint)
  • Clinical Supervision Cycle (PowerPoint)