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Dr. Koeser's Laboratory 


The University of Florida Urban Tree and Landscape Management Lab is dedicated to researching ways to limit tree damage in hurricanes, prevent construction damage to trees, and increase the diversity of trees in urban forests.

Collaborating with arborists, urban foresters, and landscape professionals, we provide timely solutions to emerging challenges in urban tree and landscape management.

What we do

Our lab conducts applied research and engages in public education efforts to address the professional needs of the tree care profession.

Specifically, we: 

  • Conduct post-storm assessments of urban trees to determine factors leading to lower failure rates. 
  • Conduct field experiments and observational studies to assess the impacts of root loss during construction on tree stability and health. 
  • Address the complex array of factors influencing urban tree diversity, including economic systems, local political environments, knowledge gaps, and communication constraints among green industry fields. 
  • Provide continuing education training for arborists and urban foresters, including preparation courses for the International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist exam.


  • Findings from our research have directly influenced industry Best Management Practices (BMPs) and have been adopted as part of tree ordinances at the local and county levels. 
  • We collaborated with industry leaders to establish a working definition for trees with elevated risk, which was incorporated into state law. 
  • Our past graduate students have either established their own labs at universities nationwide or advanced in their careers as industry professionals.



Dr. Andrew Koeser 
Rm. 133
Gulf Coast Research and Education Center
14625 CR 672
Wimauma, FL 33598


Current Lab Members
  • Deborah Hillbert, Researcher 
  • Joe Leone, Lab Tehnician 
  • Suzie Suhendy, PhD
  • Alyssa Vinson, PhD
  • Aline Kuzma, PhD
  • Brooke Anderson, MS


  • MS Students' Work

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  • PhD Students' Work

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  • Dr. Koeser's Work
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