GCREC Plant City UF Degree Programs

Agricultural Education

A major in Agricultural Education and Communication prepares students for exciting and challenging careers in areas such as teaching, business and industry, sales, working with commodity and governmental agencies

The Agricultural Education specialization prepares students to be certified agriscience instructors and educational specialists, or for employement in the agricultural business and industry sector. Students who complete the program of study in the Agricultural Education specialization are automatically eligible for certification to teach Agriscience.

Plant Science

Students can specialize in Environmental Horticulture or Landscape and Nursery Horticulture. Environmental Horticulture is a field of study that deals with the art and science of breeding, propagating, installing and maintaining plants that are used to enhance and improve the human and natural environment. Our program reaches out to students across West-Central Florida, offering Bachelor or a Master of Science degrees in environmental horticulture from the University of Florida right here in the community. Students learn and practice new skills in our onsite greenhouses and teaching garden.

Communication and Leadership Development

The communication and leadership development bachelor’s degree program prepares students for entry into agribusiness and communication positions related to human resource development, public relations, corporate training, political interests and agricultural literacy. Coursework focuses on a core of leadership and communication courses that includes digital media, journalistic writing, campaign strategies, interpersonal skills and presentation development. Students have the opportunity to earn their Bachelor of Science degree in one of the most agriculture prolific areas in Florida at the Plant City Campus.


The Geomatics Program offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Geomatics from the University of Florida right here at the Plant City Center. If you are a prospective student, then we encourage you to learn about the possibilities available. This degree program leads to diverse and well-paying professional career opportunities, and we have a number of scholarships and internships available to get you there.