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UF Geomatics Plant City Center

Welcome!  You have reached the home for Geomatics at the Plant City Center.  Geomatics encompasses many survey related disciplines including conventional land surveying, GIS, GPS, mapping, cadastral principles, remote sensing, and photogrammetry.  

Our undergraduate program reaches out to students in the Tampa Bay area including Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, Hernando, Sarasota, Citrus, and Manatee counties.  This program offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Geomatics from the University of Florida right here in Plant City and leads to many diverse and well-paying professional career opportunities.  We also have a number of scholarships and internships available to help get you there.   Many of our students have graduated from community colleges or other colleges with different backgrounds such as Engineering or Natural Resource Management.  Both Master of Science (distance education option is available) and Doctor of Philosophy degrees are included in our Geomatics graduate program.  Certifications are also offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

We encourage anyone interested in Geomatics to look over this website and its associated links.  And please feel free to contact any person listed for the program to answer any questions and/or schedule an advising appointment to explore your options.  

Go Gators!

What does the Geomatics Program offer?

Geomatics is the comprehensive discipline of collecting, analyzing, and managing spatial data. Incorporating the many fields of Surveying and Mapping, Geographic Information Systems, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, and many others; this program prepares students for diverse and rewarding professional careers. Graduates of our program are leaders in the industry with excellent advancement opportunities. If you are not already familiar with the facts about a career in Geomatics, take a look below. With a hands-on approach using the most advanced technology in the industry, the academic experience gives students the opportunity to both broaden their horizons and hone specialized skills that are valued in the marketplace.

  • As a University of Florida student, a Florida Gator, you will have access to the full resources of the University, from Gator Athletics tickets to Study Abroad programs.
  • Graduates from our Geomatics program historically see 100% job placement. We have tremendous support from Geomatics Professionals and have established several internship opportunities with them.
  • The program has a flexible schedule. You can complete the Geomatics undergraduate degree as a full-time student in as little as two years (approximately 6 semesters), with evening classes and weekend labs that fit just about any schedule.
Why the Plant City Center?

The University of Florida Geomatics Program seeks to serve students located throughout the state by distance education. The Geomatics Program opened a center in Plant City to reach out to students who could not otherwise attend the University of Florida. This location offers students in the Tampa Bay region the ability to earn the degree without ever having to attend classes in Gainesville. With our flexible course schedule supporting distance education, we can serve students in eight of the surrounding counties (Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, Hernando, Sarasota, Citrus, and Manatee). Our program fits in with your life, putting your future within reach. The center has the advantage of providing access to the degree program locally and with a flexible schedule, all without sacrificing the quality of education and interaction with leading faculty in the field. The only times you may have to travel to Gainesville are for Gator games and your graduation ceremony.

What is the learning experience like in Plant

This is your opportunity to be a member of the Gator Nation. Make no mistake, the degree you earn at the Plant City Center is the same as being awarded a degree on the Gainesville campus. The facilities in Plant City are first rate, with advanced video telecommunication classroom systems for distance learning, allowing you to ‘be there’ without having to drive to Gainesville. Students have access to state-of-the-art equipment such as geodetic-grade GPS units and stereographic computer systems. Faculty and staff from the program are permanently located in Plant City, and will be an integral part of your education. Internship, research, and leadership opportunities are all an essential part of personal academic achievement, and this program gives you the chance to do all of these things and more.

How do you get started?

Many students are surprised to learn about the diverse education options and the opportunities we offer. Since admission to the University of Florida as a freshman is extremely competitive, we encourage students applying for the Geomatics undergraduate degree to complete an AA degree from a Florida community college with the appropriate prerequisites listed in the Guide to Admission. Incorporating the admission prerequisite courses as electives in an AA degree shortens the transition time for admission. From a graduate program prospective, Geomatics has a variety of options that range from a standalone certificate in Geospatial Analysis to Master's and PhD degrees with Geomatics concentrations. For example, the Master's degree can be thesis or non-thesis based. It can be delivered live or through distance teaching tools.

If you think the UF Geomatics may offer the future you, please don't hesitate to contact us. Jason Steward, our Plant City Center Academic Advisor, has great experience in undergraduate student advising. We encourage you to contact with Dr. Amr Abd-Elrahman email:  or Katie Britt, Program Specialist email: to discuss the different options available to you at the graduate level and plan to satisfy admission requirements.

What is the career potential for Geomatics

Invest in your education and reach a lifelong professional career with rewarding and challenging opportunities.

  • Our Geomatics program historically sees 100% job placement for graduating students.
  • Highly competitive salaries, with starting salaries around $45k
  • The private sector varies from small-town firms to top-5 national engineering firms, with internships available at all levels.
  • Public sector positions are found on the city, county, state, and federal level.
  • Geomatics offers the rare opportunity to work both inside and outside for those who like variety.
  • More than half of graduates own or partner in a company within 5 years and two-thirds manage or supervise a department in surveying and mapping.

To learn more about the profession please consider watching a short film (produced by the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society. You may need to download the QuickTime plugin to view the video.

News and Critical Dates

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Classes for the 2016-2017 school year start August 22nd..  The transfer student application deadlines for the Geomatics Program (College of Agricultural and Life Sciences) are as follows:

College of Agricultural and Life Science
2018 Admission Application Deadlines


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September 15

February 1

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