Dr. Zhanao Deng

Extension: Evaluating and Selecting Ornamental Plant Cultivars

Florida is among the largest producers and consumers of ornamental plants in the nation. Florida producers ship large volumes of ornamental plants to domestic and international markets.

The major thrust that drives the industry is the constant introduction and use of new cultivars. New cultivars with new or improved horticultural characteristics, improved production and/or landscape performance, disease resistance, or stress tolerance keep Florida growers competitive and increase their profitability in domestic and global markets. New cultivars—with these attributes—also result in better performance for Florida consumers and can improve Florida consumers' quality of life.

Dr. Deng's Extension program serves to deliver research-based information and educational materials on new ornamental plant cultivars to county Extension faculty and clientele, including growers and consumers, so they can make better decisions when selecting new cultivars for production or consumption.

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Dr. Zhanao Deng

Professor, Ornamental Plant Breeding and Genetics