Dr. Shinsuke Agehara

Assistant Professor, Horticultural Sciences

Research and extension program of my group focuses on the development of vegetable and fruit production practices to improve productivity, product quality, and resource conservation. Our program covers Florida’s major crops including tomato, strawberry, blueberry, bell pepper, and cucurbits, as well as new specialty crops such as blackberry and pomegranate. Our research emphasizes understanding plant morphological and physiological adaptation mechanisms to environmental stimuli and stresses and incorporating the knowledge to develop integrated production practices. Current projects are focused on:

  • Deficit irrigation strategies to improve water conservation and crop water productivity.
  • Nutrient uptake and fertilization practices to improve fertilizer use efficiency and fruit quality.
  • Protected culture (temperature and light manipulating effects on photosynthesis, earliness, yield, and quality).
  • Hormonal regulation (abscisic acid and ethylene) of plant stress responses.
  • Root morphology and growth dynamics in response to soil water and nutrient availability.
  • Crop simulation models for benefit-risk assessment and decision support.



Protected Agriculture Information Network

Assistant Professor of Horticultural Sciences