Dr. Seonghee Lee

Dr. Seonghee Lee
Extension: Strawberry Molecular Genetics and Genomics

Enhancement of UF/IFAS strawberry cultivars using advanced molecular breeding technologies for the Florida strawberry industry.

Strawberries are a $400 million-a-year industry and one the most important crops in Florida agriculture. The strawberry breeding has been conducted in University of Florida over 40 years. So far, more than 12 commercial cultivars have been successfully developed by the strawberry breeding program at Gulf Coast Research and Education Center. Approximately 80% of the acres are planted in UF/IFAS varieties. It is critical to develop new varieties for various traits for providing benefits to growers and consumers, and expanding UF strawberry breeding program. The use of molecular breeding technologies can speed up the process of cultivar development.

His main extension role is to report the UF strawberry molecular genetics and genomics program at local, regional, and national meetings for growers and industries. He also work to maintain and expand the vital link with the UF strawberry breeding program (Dr. Vance Whitaker) for new cultivar development. The research information is provided regularly to county extension agents, growers and other clientele though field days, meetings and workshops.

Extension publications (EDIS Pubs):
DNA, Technology, and Florida Strawberries
CRISPR Gene Editing in Strawberry

In-Service Training/Workshop Presentations:
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Agritech Presentation:
2017 Agritech Presentation
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Assistant Professor, Strawberry Molecular Genetics and Genomics