Dr. Mary Lusk

My Extension program goal is to develop regional partnerships and collaborations that will provide Floridians science-based information about

  • Water conservation. Even with our abundant summer rainfall, water shortages are not uncommon in Florida. My Extension programs aim to educate Florida citizens about water conservation, alternative water supplies, and water use efficiency. My statewide goals in this area are to
    • Reduce water use in the landscape
    • Increase urban irrigation efficiency
    • Increase the beneficial reuse of reclaimed water
  • Urban water quality. By 2030, Florida will need an additional 1.3 billion gallons per day of fresh water to keep up with state population growth trends. Much of this water will be used by an increasingly urban population. My Extension goals in this area are to develop educational programs that will
    • Reduce nonpoint source pollution from urban sources
    • Increase participation in Florida Friendly Landscaping programs
    • Give Green Industry Professionals and Builders/Developers the science-based tools they need to make sustainable actions at the sites where they work


Assistant Professor, Soil and Water Sciences