Dr. Sujeet Verma

Research Coordinator, Strawberry Breeding Lab

Dr. Verma’s keen interest in the application of FlexQTL™ software using phenotypic and genotypic data for breeding purposes paved his way to join the University of Florida (UF) strawberry breeding program as a postdoc research associate at GCREC. The 90K Axiom SNP array became commercially available and the UF strawberry genetic and breeding program extracted DNA from pedigree connected training population ( ~1000 samples) and submitted them to Affymetrix for genome scan. He conducted genetic mapping octoploid strawberry in collaboration with Dr. Eric van de Weg from the PRI Netherlands. He was able to create a genetic map that helped conduct QTL analysis for fruit quality and disease traits in the UF strawberry breeding program. As a member of Rosaceae community, he is also involved with the RosBREED-2 project. He is also supervising two graduate

Dr. Verma’s research interests include:

  • Marker-assisted breeding
  • Quantitative genetics: QTL mapping, genetic mapping, haplotyping, allele mining
  • Genomic selection for complex traits

Research Coordinator, Strawberry Breeding Lab