Dr. John W. Scottt

Professor of Horticultural Science,
Tomato Breeding and Genetics

Tomato breeding and genetics including; disease and insect resistance, tolerance to genetic disorders, heat-tolerant fruit setting, genetic and environmental effects of fruit flavor and color, development of high lycopene germplasm.


Tomato Breeding Program
Professor of Horticultural Science, Tomato Breeding and Genetics
Dr. Jay Scott - Vegetable Breeding


  • Rm. 168
  • Gulf Coast Research and Education Center
  • 14625 CR 672
  • Wimauma, FL 33598
  • 813-633-4135
  • jwsc@ufl.edu
  • Education
      • B.S. 1970 Fisheries & Wildlife Michigan State University
      • M.S. 1974 Horticulture Michigan State University
      • Ph.D. 1978 Horticulture Ohio State University
  • Publications
  • Honors and Awards
      • Florida State Horticultural Society Council Memorial Tomato Research Award - 1988, 1991, & 1994
      • Florida State Horticultural Society Outstanding Paper - Vegetable Section - 1989, 1994, & 1998
      • Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association Research Award - 1991
      • Gamma Sigma Delta International Faculty Award of Merit - 1996
      • University of Florida Professional Excellence Program (PEP) Award - 1998
      • 2001 University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Interdisciplinary Research and Extension Team Award for the project on Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus in Florida (1 of 11 team members).
      • Fellow of the American Society of Horticultural Science- 2007
      • Award of Excellence American Society for Horticultural Science Vegetable Breeding Working Group- 2007
      • ASHS Vegetable Publication Award 2009 for the paper; Smith, S.M., J.W. Scott, J.A.       Bartz, and S.A. Sargent. 2008. Diallel analysis of fruit water absorption in tomato, a   contributing factor in postharvest decays. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 133(1):55-60.
      • FSHS Best Paper Award, Vegetable Section 2009: Daniel J. Cantliffe, N.L. Shaw, A.
        Berry, E.L. Kan, L. Puentes, and J.W. Scott.  The Determinate ‘Tasti‐Lee’ Tomato Competes         with Indeterminate, Greenhouse Cultivars for Yield, Fruit Quality, and Sensory Analysis When Produced Hydroponically. Proc. Fla.State Hort. Soc. Vol.122:275‐280, 2009.