Dr. Johan Desaeger

Research areas:

  • Biology and distribution of nematodes in Florida
    • New emerging nematodes in strawberries (root-knot, lesion and foliar)
    • Distribution of root-knot nematode species in Florida
  • Nematode resistance
    • Root-knot nematode resistance in tomatoes
  • Nematode-disease interactions
    • Root-knot nematode –Fusarium in tomato
  • Chemical and biological nematicides
    • Evaluate new nematicidal products and how to integrate in Florida crop systems
    • Optimize nematicide application methods – fumigants and non-fumigants
  • Cultural nematode management methods
    • Cover crops and soil amendments
  • Impact of nematode management methods on nematode communities and soil health
  • Nematodes in hops and other new crops for Florida

Assistant Professor, Nematology