Dr. Shinsuke Agehara

Research: Vegetable and Fruit Crops

Our research emphasizes understanding plant morphological and physiological adaptation mechanisms to environmental stimuli (e.g. light intensity and quality, open field vs. high tunnel) and stresses (e.g. water stress, heat stress, transplant shock) and incorporating the knowledge to develop integrated production practices. Current research topics include:

  • Development of deficit irrigation strategies to improve water conservation and crop water productivity.
  • Morphological and physiological mechanisms of ethylene-induced stress responses during transplanting.
  • 1-MCP (inhibitor of ethylene action) to mitigate transplant shock and improve stand establishment of vegetable transplants.
  • Optimization of nitrogen application rate to improve earliness and fruit set of tomatoes and strawberries under open field and high tunnel systems.
  • Rhizotron analysis: root morphology and growth dynamics in response to soil water and nutrient availability.
  • Cucumber Research 2016

Assistant Professor, Horticultural Sciences