Dr. Samuel F. Hutton

Extension: Tomato Breeding and Genetics

The Florida tomato industry consists of approximately 30,000 acres of tomatoes planted each year, typically valued near $500 million.

The University of Florida has conducted a continuous breeding and selection program for tomatoes since 1942. The tomato industry—in Florida and beyond—benefits from the UF/IFAS breeding program both directly and indirectly:

  • directly through adopting hybrids that use one or more UF breeding lines as parents and indirectly through supplying new information and improved germplasm to other breeders in industry and academia who use these resources for cultivar improvement.

Tomato breeding information is provided regularly in presentations at industry and professional meetings, and through publications found in EDIS and research journals. New tomato hybrids are showcased at the annual Florida Ag Expo and in grower trials.

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Dr. Samuel F. Hutton

Assistant Professor, Tomato Breeding and Genetics, Horticultural Sciences Department