Dr. Johan Desaeger

Assistant Professor — Nematology

Nematology Research Goals

The main focus of the GCREC nematology lab (est. 2016) is to study nematode biology in Florida soils and to develop new, safer and more sustainable tools to manage nematode problems in Florida agriculture. Our research includes studying the distribution of the major plant-parasitic nematodes in Florida’s vegetable and strawberry fields, identifying and evaluating new chemicals and biologicals, optimizing existing fumigant practices, and exploring resistance and cultural control options.

Instrumental to achieving this goal is expanding the nematology infrastructure and capacity at the GCREC, and collaborating with local growers and national and international research groups.


Johan Desaeger – Team Leader

Paul Dahlin – Post-Doc

Andrea Ruthes – Research Associate

Homan Regmi – PhD student

Jake Helmer - Technician

Bonnie Xie - Technician

David Moreira - Intern




Dr. Johan Desaeger